1. Use 360 video
  2. Determine where you might use 360 video
  3. Take some time to consider VR as a learning tool


Some stock footage allowed me to avoid the expense of a 360 camera. It served as a base to investigate both what Adobe Premier Pro can do with 360 and start thinking about 360 video in context.


360 video has applications in a variety of learning contexts. The ability to place people in another environment and let them explore is a valuable one; for example, imagine taking part in an work induction and visiting all the other offices on the first day from the comfort of your chair

Imagine needing to know a place intimately and having the option to examine it through video before actually reaching the space itself?


The broader area of VR, as opposed to just 360 video, is one that I can see a use for; for example in medical applications and recreating historial events. However, in a corporate eLearning context I am still not convinced of the use case when you consider the budget, skills etc required. At some point something will come along to convince me otherwise but for now...