An online CV built
with Articulate RISE

Having moved elearning development platforms from Adobe Captivate to Articulate; it was time to learn RISE. RISE is a newer feature of the Articulate 360 suite of rapid development tools. And what better subject could I have than myself?

Coffe shop
Playing chess

How to play The Game of Thrones
built with Articulate RISE

When I started with Articulate RISE I needed a project to build, so I could learn what the system was capable of out of the box. I happened to have the instructions for this simple card game lying around.

Sunset Explanimation

A simple animated graphic that explains the different periods of a sunset.


10 Years of social mobility

Ten years on from the first publication of Blanden, Gregg and Machin's work on social mobility this animation was developed as part of the review.

Experiments in 360 degrees

An example of how 360 video to be used as a learning tool can be seen in this video.

360 swirls inthe sky
Playing chess

Character animator

When subjects are reluctant to be in a video I can turn them into a cartoon character. A quick example of how that could look is here.

Software simulation

Building a software simualtion is an essential part of any eLearning developers skils set. Here's an example of one.

Computer screen displaying code

Older peices and Work in Progress

Some more examples

Captivate 9

This is an older board game example. It is built with Captivate 9, utilising (what were then) Captivate's new multi-states and some of Captivates motion tools.

If I were to build this now I would scrap all the elements built inside Captivate and replace them with OAM files utilising html5 and javascript to create much smoother and more realiable animations. I would keep Captivate only for scoring and SCORM interactions, which it does well.

Info on an iPad

Water campaign

First draft of a water campaign infographic

I wanted a cartoony vibe to this one; a call to the subject, so I decided against using a photo background. The colour pallette was an attempt to do something similar, keeping it limited and lots of brights, then some shades of the main colours.

Social stats

A work in progress.

This infographic shows statistics on home ownership across generations and parts of the world. The complete infographic has been created in Illustrator. Careful attention has been paid to the proportional sizes of the flowers in the window boxes so that they accurately show a comparison of values.


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