1. Could I present the information in a more graphical format?
  2. How could I add interaction?
  3. How could I make it more interesting?
  4. I wanted to include a Storyline block. After all the CV of an eLearning designer needs to feature some eLearning tools.

Articulate RISE is a fantastic tool for the presentation of text however it was important to get the balance of interactive elements right: too many interactions can make thing seem gimicky, adding little to the user's experience.

Training skills

The decision to break down my training skills into the ADDIE classification required the creation of appropriate ADDIE categories. Each ADDIE stage has an corresponding animated icon/illustration, to demonstrate these skills. Each of the icons representing Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation was created using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Animate; published as an animated gif and housed in RISE.

Design skills

In the design skills section I wanted to bring simple and quick interaction into the piece. RISE flashcards are perfect for this. The icons were again created in Illustrator and then added to the flashcards in RISE. It's very tempting to use the RISE interactions for everything but less is more with these.


For this part I wanted to use a Storyline block and build in a more flexible interaction than is possible with RISE's native timeline feature. Starting from a template from the E-Learning Heroes, to speed up the process, I then adapted that for my own use. Storyline blocks are great in RISE where you want to build more complex interactions but don't have the time or budget to spend on building bespoke web pages.


I used this as an opportunity to make use of's function to share your qualifications.