1. What can you do with RISE?
  2. How do we add custom built interactions (not Storyline Blocks)?

My first project in RISE was driven by convenience. I had already used the card game GAME OF THRONES: HAND OF THE KING for a previous training exercise so had scans of the card and instructions already to hand.

Game instructions

The challenge was how to I make use of the standard interactions in RISE to present them. A few of the interactions were obvious:

  • Explaining the cards: This was always going to be the labelled graphic.
  • Components of the game: Made up of differing card types suggested a gallery that users would be able to step through one at a time.

Custom interaction

It could have been built as a storyline block, but I wanted to see how RISE would deal with other material. So for the section where I wanted the learner to step through the process I built an html5 page in Adobe Animate. Using some simple javascript to to allow the learner to stop and start the timeline I could put the user in charge of the pace of the course. This was then thrown up on to the server and made available in RISE via its embed object.