1. Pull some information from Wikipedia.
  2. How do you animate information to make it engaging?

The assignment was set as part of an Adobe Gen Pro course. The assignment was:

Design and animate a beautiful sunset, taking full advantage of masking, the Motion Editor, filters, and blend modes to really make something expressive. You’ll use masking to transition from bright to night, and you’ll use an ActionScript 3.0 document type to access the full range of filters and blend modes.


The information was pulled from a wikipedia article about sunsets. From that I developed a storyboard before going into Adobe Animate. Finally this was pushed out as video, but there are other options...

Adobe Animate

Animate allows the building of html5 canvas; avoiding Flash. Creating in this format limits some of the options (no Action Script) but javascript can be used to replace this. Final export as an OAM file allows the placing of these object into many different applications, including Adobe Document Production System (think a magazine on an iPad), and directly into Captivate.

Animate and Captivate

OAM in Captivate requires some javascript when you want to drive the native Captivate variables but in doing so you can utilise all the marvellous animation tools tools of Animate in a rapid elearning authoring tool. This allows you to break free from the "it looks like Captivate" problem.